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Emirates Palace

— Overview

Emirates Palace is one of the largest and most prestigious hospitality venues in the world. Connectiv has been responsible for all digital signage installations across the venue, from interactive information displays / totems to digital wayfinding kiosks, meeting room displays and more. Thanks to our solutions the venue is able to communicate with and guide visitors in an efficient and impactful way throughout the entire venue.

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  • Room Booking Systems
  • Cross Platform Dynamic Wayfinding System
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Digital Content Management System
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  • PMS and IPTV Integration
  • Onsite Service and Support//

March 28, 2020


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




With 850.000 square meters of floor space Emirate Palace hotel harbors a wide range of functionalities from hotel facilities to business / convention center, entertainment spaces. The venue also includes large gardens and even contains a marina. Being a 5-star hotel and business center, the Emirates palace team spare no effort to provide visitors with a top class visitor journey and customer experience.

Challenges and Objectives

Given the sheer size of the venue, it is a challenge to make sure the many visitors find their way throughout the venue in an efficient and pleasant manner and without the need to hire a large team of hosts to welcome guests and provide them with useful information. At the same time, communicating to these visitors and seizing the moment to get commercial and other content across to them constitutes a challenge as well as a great opportunity given the profile of the visitors. Reaching these audiences is not easy and so Emirates Palace holds the perfect opportunity to reach wealthy citizens from all over the world with specific branded or other content. How to do so in an effective yet non-intrusive way? The objectives included:

  • Reinforce the branding of the venue and its partners and businesses the venue hosts
  • Maintain the image of a technologically advanced hospitality venue
  • Guide visitors through the venue in a flawless way, offer a smooth visitor journey
  • Communicate effectively with visitors and provide relevant information
  • Create commercial opportunities and boost revenue for the businesses on the venue
  • Go digital, avoiding all printed communication methods and formats
  • Create more interaction with visitors
  • Save on costs

The Solution

Connectiv has installed a range of interactive touch and non-touch displays around the entire venue. These displays come in a wide range of sizes, from 12 inch to 65 inch. All diplays are seamlessly blended in with the environment, encapsulated in a fitting design that matches the aesthetics and style of Emirates Palace’s exquisite interior design. These displays fulfill a number of functions, such as:

  • Multi-functional meeting room displays
  • Wayfinding
  • Interactive information stations
  • Non interactive communications displays
  • Elevator displays
  • And more ...

Connectiv Wayfinding

Connectiv has designed and implemented clever digital wayfinding across the entire venue. This clever wayfinding solution consists of interactve specially designed displays and kiosks that fits the space’s interior design, and offers 2.5D visualizations of the path that guides a visitor to his or her intended destination. Furthermore, the wayfinding solution is entirely mobile compatible, providing the visitor with maximum convenience and user friendliness. The platform also provides a powerful marketing tool for the venue and the businesses it harbors with interactive promotions and dynamic messaging.

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