Reinventing Government Services, Redefining Government

Connectiv has been inspiring and guiding government entities across the region in their quest to become the leaders in user experience, using state-of the-art technology and custom-built applications to provide maximum efficiency service levels to their citizens. We have been designing frontrunner service centre concepts and have relentlessly redefined the user journey for the public sector.

The intelligent and game-changing installations Connectiv has designed and delivered have even inspired the private sector, showcasing how digitized user journeys can redefine the customer experience and lead to a better functioning organization and society.

Government Innovation:

A powerful catalyst for growth

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The following Government bodies already count on Connectiv’s expert solutions and fresh ideas to reinvent how services are provided to their citizens.

Transformational Ideas Made Reality

From ideation to solution blueprint and implementation, our team of specialists design and deliver complete digitized government service centre solutions.


Creating differentiating research-based citizen and employee experience strategies and concepts that will put your agency at the forefront of provided service levels and innovation.


Translating strategies and concepts into real-world flows, processes and systems, we design a blueprint for tailor-made transformation and digitally enhanced citizen journeys, establishing satisfying real experiences.


Our experts build and install every element of the designed customer journey, seamlessly integrating the physical and digital components of the journey and creating clear commercial advantage for your organisation.


We assure performance, impact and continuity over time by delivering engaging, creative, digital content and by providing efficient maintenance and support for all your digital installations, including hardware and software.

Discover Connectiv’s transformational government services solutions

We work in a technology-agnostic way, providing the most suitable customised solutions for each institution or government department we work with. With Connectiv as your partner your agency will stand out and make a real impact, facilitating the lives of those who count on your services. Some of our solutions include:

Interactive digitized service centres

Communicating LED surfaces

AI-powered virtual assistants

Digital (corporate) internal communications

Multi-platform digital signage

Step into the future, reap the benefits

Our digital visitor experience solutions make a real difference. By investing in the user journey citizens’ perception of government will be positively impacted. This will result in direct and indirect wins for all stakeholders and tangible benefits for the government department.

Reduce costs

Our autonomous or even AI-driven digital solutions can fulfil a number of standard tasks and provide a wide range of services to visitors without interference by staff.

Increase service levels

Provide an efficient service flow to all visitors, eliminate waiting times and allow staff to focus without time pressure on more complicated or delicate cases and service requests.

Boost department image

Be seen as a front-runner and leader in the field of service levels, uphold the image of efficiency and efficacy.

Inspire private sector

Set the example for the private sector, providing a showcase of gow smart technology applications can create highly efficient and appealing experiences to visitors.

More efficient society

Lower waiting times and higher service efficiency leads to less time lost by the population on administrative requirements.

Improve employee engagement

Allow staff to focus on cases that really need their attention and lower time pressure. More content visitors also treat employees better, leading to less stressed, more engaged employees.