Making healthcare facilities feel more embracive

Providing efficient communications in times of potential high stress makes a true difference in people’s lives. Our healthcare solutions are aimed at facilitating the journeys of patients and hospital visitors while supporting medical staff in their daily work.

They do so by providing crucial and relevant information when and where it matters, and to whom it matters in a highly effective and user-friendly manner. Well-functioning healthcare institutions are are a crucial pillar of our society. Connectiv is committed to help boosting healthcare services levels.

Improving in-hospital communications

enhancing the patient and visitor experience

Join the Connectology movement

The following forward-looking healthcare organizations already trust Connectiv to lead their digital transformation process.

Redefining healthcare experiences from start to finish

We cover the entire range of expertise areas, services and technologies required to deliver and maintain game-changing turnkey multi-sensory communications solutions and transform the patient, visitor and employee experiences.


Based on thorough research, solid industry knowledge, and creative ideation our team creates a future-proof and differentiating branding, customer experience and digital communications strategy and concept.


Translating strategies and concepts into real-world flows, processes and systems, we design a blueprint for tailor-made transformation and digitally enhanced customer journeys, establishing engaging customer experiences.


Our experts build and install every element of the designed customer journey, seamlessly integrating the physical and digital components of the journey and creating clear commercial advantage for your organisation.


We assure performance, impact and continuity over time by delivering engaging, creative, digital content and by providing efficient maintenance and support for all your digital installations, including hardware and software.

Discover our healthcare solutions

We work in a technology-agnostic way, providing most suitable customised solutions for each hospital or healthcare venue we work with. With Connectiv as your partner your hospital will stand out, becoming more future-ready, communicative, and efficient and a ‘nicer place to be’. Some of our solutions include:

LED surfaces and walls

Information kiosks and totems

AI-powered virtual receptionist

Dynamic wayfinding

Multi-platform digital signage

Your objectives are our goals

Following our core philosophy, we are guided first and foremost by our client’s goals and ambitions in everything we do. Our team focuses on those areas where we can create the biggest impact for your organisation, your team, and your patients. That is why our installed solutions focus on generating true tangible and intangible benefits for all stakeholders above anything else.

Improve doctor and nurse efficiency

By providing real-time and accurate general as well as patient-specific information to medical and organizational staff, they are able to work more time-efficiently, providing a more personalized service.

Enhance the visitor journey

Guiding visitors through the facilities in the most efficient way as well as providing all relevant information in a timely and effective manner significantly improves the visitor experience.

Provide a better patient experience

Patients will enjoy the optimal information flow and the increased service levels that come with it, as well as appreciate the more future-oriented and communicative environment the hospital provides.

Improve hospital image

Our installed digital communications solutions will make your hospital stand out and boost its image as a future-oriented and technologically advanced and well-funded organization.

Reduce operational costs

By assuring all employees as well as patients and visitors receive the right information at the right time and by automating standard tasks and functions (like AI-powered virtual receptionists), costs are reduced.

Positively affect profitability

Your hospital will be the hospital of choice for patients and their relatives looking for a top notch healthcare providers, and willing to pay a premium, while our solutions reduce costs.