Customer Journey Solutions Delivering a seamless customer experience from start to end

CONNECTIV's customer journey management platform helps you manage customer experience before, during, and after services. From appointment booking and arrival process, to access control and feedback collection, manage everything within one platform.

Streamline you Customer Journey and get the right data

Whether you are operating in retail, finance, healthcare or the public sector, customer journey management creates opportunities for improved resource planning and cost savings.

Digital Customer Journeys Delivered

Customers can book meetings online or directly through our Outlook Add-On.
Customer Journeys may begin from the comfort of their home and not when they arrive.
Self Service Kiosks manage clients upon arrival dispensing access control tags or tokens.
Our mobile wayfinding solution leads the clients to their designated areas.
Upon reaching their destination bright and colorful screens from our Hardware Partner ProDVX clearly welcomes them.
Customers are kept informed and updated throughout their journey with automated notifications & on-premise displays.

On-Premise & Cloud based Technology

Self Check in- Kiosks & Smart Systems

Online & Web Booking

Extensive Statistics and Analysis

Customized Queuing System

AI based Facial Recognition

A Wealth of Hardware Options

CONNECTIV has partnered with ProDVX which develops and produces high-quality and state-of-the-art hardware for digital communication and solutions worldwide.

As specialists, they've pioneered the development and production of reliable displays and touchscreens. Hardware you can always depend on. Throughout their extensive range, they offer an innovative and durable solution for any form of digital communication, such as digital signage, room signage, wayfinding and access control.

CONNECTIV's solutions have been fully certified and guaranteed to work reliably with this hardware for all your digital journey needs
  • 24"-37"
  • Ultrawide Ratio
  • Android OS
  • Up to 700nits
  • 10" to 32"
  • Light Bar
  • 500cd/m2
  • 24/7
  • 10.1"
  • Light Bar
  • POE+
  • Integrated NFC