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Going beyond technology in order to deliver awe-inspiring customer experiences.


Connectiv was born out of an ambition and determination to help brands and organizations stand out and become more successful. We do not think in terms of hardware or software, we think in terms of objectives and final outcomes first.

Our turnkey solutions leverage the power of digital applications to enhance all touchpoints with consumers and help brands connect to their audiences through inspiring multi-sensory storytelling and engaging, connected customer journeys.

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A critical success factor to successfully redesigning the user journey and establishing desired outcomes is to ensure a seamless fit between concept design and the real-life implementation thereof, and the real-life implementation thereof.


Based on thorough research, solid industry knowledge and creative ideation, our team creates a future-proof brand and digital communications strategy and con that matches the client’s objectives.

  • Research
  • Strategizing
  • Concept Ideation
  • Consultancy
  • Planning


Translating strategies and concepts into real-world flows, processes and systems, we design a blueprint for tailor-made transformational, and digitally enhanced customer journeys, establishing engaging customer experiences.

  • Customer journey & experience design
  • Spatial & architectural design
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Project planning


Our experts build and install every element of the customer journey design, seamlessly integrating the physical and digital components of the journey and creating clear commercial advantage for our clients.

  • Hardware & Software integration
  • Technology applications development
  • Proper platform / software development
  • Installation
  • Project management


We assure performance, impact and continuity over time by delivering engaging creative digital content and by providing efficient maintenance and support for all your digital installations, including hardware and software.

  • Maintenance & support
  • Optimisation consultancy
  • Content platform Management
  • Performance reporting & insights
  • Creative content creation & updates

Discover Multi-sensory communications

What is your brand’s story? What makes your products and services appealing to people?

Our solutions can activate all senses through the use of smart (interactive) technology, bringing your message to life, tapping into your target audience’s needs, desires, expectations and emotions in impactful ways

Bring your message visually to live and give it true impact through multi-platform dynamic digital signage.

Inspire action with music and audio messaging, for more impact and even more powerful outcomes.

Unleash emotions with the unique, subtle and sublime influence of scent with our effective scent marketing solutions

Integrating digital technology into environmental design to transform ‘space’ into ‘place’.

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Retail Consulting & Design

For our retail projects we work in close collaboration with RCD, part of the Connectiv Group. RCD provides highly specialised retail consulting and design services aimed at transforming how brands are perceived and ‘experienced’ by consumers.

Working in tandem with the RCD team, we are better positioned than any other organization to solve the customer experience challenges brands struggle with.

Solving the connectivity Paradox

In an ever more connected yet noisy world it has become increasingly hard for brands to connect to their audiences.

Our strong multi-disciplinary team delivers on our promise to solve this Connectivity paradox for our clients.

How we do
what we do?

Our unique Connectology framework guides the way we work, from our creative thinking process to how we deliver change in practice, always putting solid principles and the client's objectives first.

Experience the benefits our solutions generate

We solve your business challenges by starting with a clear vision of the desired outcome. Our powerful solutions generate many positive benefits.

Come talk to our experts and find out how you can engage your audiences.

Increase sales & revenue

Our digitized customer journeys allow your brand to appeal more to consumers and improve conversion rates along every touchpoint.

Boost brand image

Stand out by communicating with and connecting to consumers in a modern and engaging way. Position your brand as being line with new consumer expectations and habits.

Enhance customer loyalty

Higher conversion rates coupled with an improved brand image and better message retention will lead to a higher preference for your brand and increased frequency of repurchase.

Save on costs

Our solutions are an efficient and cost-effective way to convey your message to your audiences, provide useful information, and generate sales.

Improve profitability

Our solutions are an efficient and cost-effective way to convey your message to your audiences, provide useful information, and generate sales.

Gain market share

Brands and companies that have embraced digital transformation in key areas like user journey are 26% more profitable than their peers.

Your business, our goals

Our solutions are entirely tailored to your business strategy and target audiences.

We understand that every sector and company is different, so our designs and delivered approaches are highly customised for each client.