Designing the perfect journey

Efficient wayfinding is an essential component in the effort to provide a smooth and pleasant customer or visitor experience in indoor and out door spaces.

Building on our WayView software platform, our turnkey wayfinding solutions help guide consumers or visitors through any venue in a seamless manner.

Facilitating journeys, creating opportunities

Thanks to our creative multi-technology approach Connectiv’s turnkey wayfinding installations do much more than facilitate people’s journeys - delivering exceptional experiences. By embedding clever technology, other systems and platforms and dynamic stimuli, our wayfinding solutions generate a wide range of benefits for brands and end users alike.

Unique feature mix, great benefits

Our dynamic digital wayfinding solutions create the perfect symbiosis between space and technology, guiding your audiences towards their destination and providing powerful marketing tools for your brand. Our integrated enterprise solution provides:

Multiple end points

Mobile compatibility

Efficient routes in 2D, 2.5D & 3D

Events management module

Multimodal navigation

Live advertising modules

— Turnkey wayfinding solutions delivered

We are Thinkers, Creators and Doers

We design, implement, deploy and manage your entire digital wayfinding applications from start to finish and deliver on our promise to achieve results in a consistent and continuous way. We provide every element of your customised wayfinding solution:

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Our wayfinding solutions are perfect for

Guide shoppers, visitors, employees or any other audience efficiently across a range of venue-types with our state-of-the-art turnkey solutions.

Boost your marketing

Connectiv’s wayfinding solutions offer unique marketing benefits.

Go beyond the expected and use your wayfinding installations as a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand or the offers that are within the venue.

Our wayfinding platform offers specific marketing functionalities that have the power to boost sales directly and indirectly and generate clear commercial advantages.