Going beyond the welcome – Reinventing hospitality

The hospitality sector been in a constant state of change and transformation. With clients expecting an increasingly seamless and digitised customer journey and experience, leading hospitality brands have their challenges cut out for them.At Connectiv we guide our clients on this constant path of reinvention, taking their brand to new heights, improving processes and flows in front of and behind the screens, driving a healthier more successful business.

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The following leading hospitality brands already trust Connectiv to help them become more future-proof. Are you ready to start impressing your audiences and stand out?

Redefining hospitality from start to finish

We cover the entire range of expertise areas, services and technologies required to deliver and maintain game-changing turnkey multi-sensory communications solutions and transform the customer experience.


Based on thorough research, solid industry knowledge, and creative ideation our team creates a future-proof and differentiating branding, customer experience and digital communications strategy and concept.


Translating strategies and concepts into real-world flows, processes and systems, we design a blueprint for tailor-made transformation and digitally enhanced customer journeys, establishing engaging customer experiences.


Our experts build and install every element of the designed customer journey, seamlessly integrating the physical and digital components of the journey and creating clear commercial advantage for your organisation.


We assure performance, impact and continuity over time by delivering engaging, creative, digital content and by providing efficient maintenance and support for all your digital installations, including hardware and software.

Discover Connectiv’s inspiring hospitality solutions

We work in a technology-agnostic way, providing most suitable entirely customised solutions for each brand we work with. With Connectiv as your partner your brand will not be just another grey mouse adopting a one-size-fits all approach. We achieve true differentiation. Some of our hospitality solutions include:

2D / 2.5D / 3D Dynamic Wayfinding

Virtual concierge and reception desk

Dynamic digital menu boards

Hospitality digital signage

Self service kiosks

Your brand’s objectives are our goals

Following our core philosophy, we are guided first and foremost by our client’s goals and ambitions in everything we do. Our digital hospitality solutions are aimed at building hospitality brands‘ success in the real world by using clever and engaging digital technologies. We aim to nourish customer engagement and as a consequence achieve a wide range of benefits for our clients:

Improve customer experience

Provide your customers with a smooth journey and fluent experience, facilitated by smart technology applications and efficient two-way communications and information flow.

Increase customer loyalty

Become the brand of choice of new and existing customers providing the with a service level and experience they will come back for.

Boost up-and cross-selling

Provide visitors and clients with ideas and real-time suggestions for complementary products and services they might be interested in and sell more.

Grow market share

Put whatever makes your brand stand out in the spotlight. Get your message across to clients, become their brand of choice, get ahead of competition and gain market share.

Enhance brand image

Stand out by communicating with and connecting to consumers in a modern and engaging way, position yourself as a brand ready for the future and in line with new consumer expectations and habits.

Save costs

Use our smart solutions to provide a quality 24/7 service at lower costs by providing up-to-date information at all times without increasing personnel.