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Etisalat Hello Business Hub

— Overview

Time is money! That’s how the saying goes. At the Etisalat business hub, this has been taken to heart and it has assured that visitors don't lose any time while getting a series of services they require to start or grow their businesses. Using state-of-the-art interactive technology such as RFID, interactive displays and autonomous service stations, Connectiv has transformed the Etisalat business hub into a showcase example of service level efficiency at its best.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • RFID
  • Interactive displays
  • Intelligent queuing system
  • Real-time feedback
  • Interactive user experiences
  • Operational service flow optimization
  • Intelligent queueing systems

January 1, 2020


Dubai, UAE



Facilitating businesses, incentivising entrepreneurship

Etisalat is a trusted partner to businesses of all sizes in the region, as well as a powerful incubator providing starting and small businesses with the support needed to help them grow and reach their potential. At Etisalat, everyone knows that the key to a healhty economy and society’s wellfare is entrepreneurship. So, as the region’s most powerful brand, Etisalat has taken up the role of facilitating the creation and growth of businesses, for example through the launch of business hubs. These business hubs are places where entrepreneurs can come to get services and advice in a wide range of areas, ranging from getting their official government-issued company number to closing insurance contracts and leasing office equipment. The hubs are made up of both government and private entities, ready to assist visitors together. This facilitates the lives of business people tremendously as they no longer need to procure each of these services separately in different locations across the city.

The challenge and objectives

Time is money! Decision makers in charge of the Etisalat business hub took that saying as a given and thought about how the hub could provide its services in the most time-efficient and pleasant manner. Given the number of services provided at the centre and the fact that every visitor will require a mix of services that is likely to be different than that of others, the challenge would be how to guide people through the entire process in a fluent intelligent way. Providing a highly flexible, personalized and dynamic visitor journey with as little waiting time as possible was a key objective presented to Connectiv, along with the desire to create an appealing tech-enabled setting that would provide the hub with prestige and set an example to the world.

The Solution

Connectiv has designed and delivered a hyper-efficient frontrunner service hb concept guiding every visitor through the facilities following a highly personalized flow and communications. Using interactive autonomous service stations, RFID and beacon technology as well as articifial intelligence, ever visitor follows a unique path throughout the facility assuring minimal waiting times. How does it work?

  • At the entrance of the vanue a large video wall provides visitors with dynamic and constantly updated information, as well as na AI-powered avatar to which the visitor can address every question he or she might have. The digital assistant will ptovide thr visitor with accurate responses to their questions.
  • In order to start the journey, the visitor can auto-register at the futuristic user friendly digital registration kiosks, using their unique E-ID cards. Thanks to the ID card, the kiosks are able to know exactly who is in front of then and which services the person will require, as well as which services have already been provided in prevous visits and might requite follow up.
  • Upon registration completion the visitor receives na RFID card with lanyard, automatically dispensed by the digital station.
  • Based on the other visitors present and the services they require, as well as waiting times for each service provided, the intelligent system will map out the optimal sequence for the services to be provided. This personalized smart sequence will then be communicated in teal time to each visitor on screens around the venue. In case any visitor’s path or waiting times unexpectedly change, the system will instantaneously recalculate the best sequence of services and inform the visitor of their updated track.
  • Every screen around the venue, including at each service station, communicates live and in real time to the visitors as they are able to recgnise the visitor thanks to the RFID badge they are wearing. This means every screen addresses people in a 100% personalized intelligent way.
  • Upon leaving the venue the visitor can evaluate the service level received and leave comments on the interactive service evaluation displays. Should the visitor forget to hand in his or her RFID card then sensors at the door will notice and send a kind reminder not to walk out with the RFID cards,
  • Moreover LED displats around he venue are used as environmental enhancement, elevating the space and making it highly communicative communicative.
  • Moreover LED displats around he venue are used as environmental enhancement, elevating the space and making it highly communicative communicative.

Crucial points to know

  • All the content across all end points and interfaces as well as interactive applications and information is managed by Connectiv’s in-house content management platform as well as custom built applications developed on the basis of the Connectiv CRM.
  • The entire installation was designed and delivered in just XXXXX weeks!
  • The Connectiv team is available 24/7 to provide support and solve any issues if they should occur

The outcomes and benefits

The technology-enabled visitor journey designed and delivered by Connectiv led to a series of benefits

  • Drastic reduction of service times
  • Near perfect visitor satisfaction scores
  • Lower costs of service provision
  • Image enhancement and publicity: Setting a worldwide example of how technology can increase servcie levels
  • Branding

These benefits and more have set the new benchmark for future business hubs, having led to a roll-out of the concept towards other business hubs and similar centres and organization around the region and across countries.

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