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Bank Audi Retail Virtual Banking

— Overview

You won’t have to work your schedule around our opening hours; our Novo branch offers you interactive and innovative solutions to give you a comfortable and user-friendly banking experience through the Interactive Station and Advisory Room that are both equipped with a video conferencing facility for you to talk live to Bank Audi’s advisors.

With easy-to-use multi-touch interactive screens, the Novo Interactive Station allows you to browse all Bank Audi products and services and talk LIVE to a personal advisor.

What are the benefits?
- Learn all about our banking services and products (loans accounts, deposits, etc.)
- Find out which credit card(s) suits you best
- Simulate car loans and get all the details you need
- Find the nearest branch or ATM
- Send a message to the Bank’s customer service representative
- Tell us which products/services you are interested in and send them to your email
- Contact a Novo agent and inquire about any product or service through video conferencing

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June 1, 2011


Beirut, Lebanon


Bank Audi

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