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Etisalat 150th store & interactive retail concept

— Overview

As a frontrunner in retail innovation and customer journey enhancement, Etisalat launched its new signature digitally enhanced in-store customer experience, celebrating the opening of the 150th store in the region. The brand collaborated with Connectiv to design and deliver a more interactive, future-proof customer journey as well as more dynamic in-store communications using responsive state-of-the-art digital signage technology.

  • Interactive Video Walls
  • Content Management System
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Retail concept store
  • Digital brand reinforcement
  • Digital customer journey and experience enhancement
  • Custom Content Design and Management

January 1, 2018


Dubai, UAE




As the region’s most valuable telecom brand, Etisalat continues to set the tone when it comes to innovation and forward-thinking brand and retail strategies. With the introduction of its 150th store in the region, Etisalat took the initiative to rethink the store concept design and redesign the visitor journey with the objective of providing a more future-proof shopping environment and customer experience.


Behind the conceptual design of Etisalat’s 150th store lie clearly defined objectives. One of the main objectives was to create much more digital as well as non-digital interaction with store visitors, from the moment they walk in the store all the way through receiving personalized customer service and finalizing purchases or requesting more information for later review. Another key objective was to transform all communications from static and print into digital, increasing impact, while making the store more eco-friendly.

Defined objectives:

  • Transform static communications into dynamic communications, always on-point and aligned with the latest news, updates, product and service offerings an brand marketing campaigns.
  • Eliminate paper-based marketing and sales materials in the store and become more eco-friendly.
  • Take the visitor on a digitally enhanced journey when guiding them through the most suitable offerings for them based on their profile, needs and preferences.
  • Enhance customer service levels and customer satisfaction.
  • Offer the staff outstanding tools to engage with clients and convert visitors into customers as well as up- and cross-sell additional products and services.
  • Reinforce the brand and brand’s positioning as the market leading innovator.
  • Increase sales, store efficiency and profitability

The Solution

Connectiv designed and delivered a digitally enhanced store concept, using clever and interactive digital signage applications to facilitate and transform the customer journey and elevate the in-store customer eperience and service levels. The following elements are part of the implemented concept:

  • Large interactive video wall at the store entrance provides immediate impact and powerful branding as well as commercial messaging to greet visitors. The content can be adapted according to various parameters including footfall, products and services being sold more in this specific store or commercial campaigns that are running, etc.
  • An intelligent queueing system minimizes waiting times and greets the visitor when it is their time to be assisted by an etisalat customer consultant.
  • Video walls and interactive displays around the store feature relevant information and content as well as allow visitors to experiement with some of the Etisalat solutions in real life.
  • Interactive tablets allow customers to browse through product information for each displayed product or service.
  • Interactive kiosks and virtual product / service configurators allow visitors to browse through all available solutions that suit their needs and find their ideal offer(s) in a gamified and highly appealing (even fun) way. These kiosks also serve as very effective sales tools for the store consultants as they can guide the client through available options in a highly engaging and convenient way, showcasing Etisalat’s unmatched capabilities in the area of customer service and creating clever technology applications to benefit consumers during the shopping process.

Fresh content guaranteed !

The Connectiv team manages all content for the digitised Etisalat stores. Our dedicated creative content designers make sure every display is always up-to-date with the latest and newest and contributing maximally to Etisalat’s marketing and sales strategies and campaigns. Content is managed centrally across stores and can be customised up to the level of each store or even each screen. That way we assure continuity and outstanding results.


As a result of the enhanced tech-enabled customer journey and sales process the transformed Etisalat stores have recorded the following benefits:

  • Increased customer attention and information absorbtion
  • Increased call to action uptake and conversion, increased revenue generation
  • Higher effectivenessof marketing and sales campaigns and promotions
  • More effective sales consultants, higher success rates
  • Improved employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Stronger customer satisfaction scores
  • Positive impact on brand perception and brand loyalty as well as willingness by consumers to come to store

More about the project

The deployed concept was initially set to be rolled out onto 30 stores across the UAE. After witnessing the successes of the new concept however Etisalat leadership decided to roll out the concept to over 140 stores of various sizes in the region.

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