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DWTC Visual Communication and information technology

— Overview

Connectiv has been the supplier of choice for all digital communications and digital signage needs across the DWTC building complexes. Our team delivered a full turnkey solution and integrated approach across multiple types of endpoints, including large-size LED displays, interactive information kiosks, elevator and meeting room displays.

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March 28, 2020


Dubai, UAE


Dubai World Trade Center

Intro - The Client

The Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) is an epicenter for events and business in the heart of Dubai. A place where people from all over the world come together to meet, network, collaborate, learn, exchange experiences, and much more. DWTC has been a pioneer of Dubai's rise as a cosmopolitan commercial center at the crossroads of the world since its inauguration in 1979.

Objectives and Challenges

The client’s objectives can best be described by the DWTC mission statement:

“Our mission is to deliver ‘Destination Dubai’ for the region, by providing a world-class business networking platform with integrated end-to-end services ... providing state-of-the-art real estate solutions within a sophisticated and dynamic business environment.”

Communication and constant accurate information are essential in establishing an efficient visitor flow and a pleasant and positive experience for event organizers, exhibiting companies, event visitors and other stakeholders alike. The challenge lies in the sheer size of the venue and the huge footfall. Providing accurate and dynamic up-to-date practical information like wayfinding across the entire venue is a challenge. Especially as information is highly dynamic and needs to be adapted across the entire venue on a daily basis. Moreover, using the 92.000 square meters of prime real estate for clever commercial purposes and advertising and generate additional revenue streams in an impactful way without however polluting the environment and enriching the architecture

The Solution

The ideal solution needed to provide a flawless flow of information and people across the venue while maximising advertising revenues.

In its search for the ideal mix between cost-effectiveness, efficiency, real-time managability and architectural aestethics DWTC management concluded that digital signage was the way forward and chose Connectiv as its technology partner after having scanned the market for potential suppliers.

In designing the ideal solution the Connectiv team sought to safeguard a few key principles that had been agreed upon with the client:

  • Centralised management of visual content for the enture venue and across different end points from one central location was an absolute necessity
  • The DWTC communications team needed to be able to produce and publish professional looking appealing visual content without need for graphic designers and in a highly dynamic way
  • Interactivity of information especially for wayfinding and practical information
  • Captivating audiences / visitors across multiple touchpoints on their journey through the venue
  • Multiple languages available
  • 24/7 local support on standby
  • Sublime image quality and high visual impact

Connectiv delivered a turnkey solution that covered all of the client’s requirements flawlessly.

Connectiv has transformed DWTC in to a highly connected and communicative venue, with a solid network of digital and synchronised interfaces across the venue.


The many awards and recognitions DWTC has received over the past years is proof of the excellent service levels it provides to clients and visitors from all over the world. DWTC receives ample praise for its ability to maintain the highest efficiency levels of organization, to which our solutions contribute greatly.

“We continue to be driven by our ongoing role in helping to shape Dubai’s future and by challenging ourselves to create even better experiences for all our clients, exhibitors and visitors.”

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