MAXimize your message MAXimize engagement

MAX is Connectiv’s promise to make your message rise above the noise of daily distractions, giving it true impact. Our modular displays have the power to transform spaces into communication assets or immersive engaging experiences.

With MAX you can bring out your message in any size or shape without restrictions in time and space.

Perfect fit for any space, surface or creative application

No matter how big or imaginative MAX displays combine highest quality visuals with almost total modularity and sublime adaptability, being available in a wide number of display formats and unlimited sizes and shapes. Our MAX LED displays can be blended in perfectly with the architecture of any building or structure and comes in indoor as well as outdoor editions.

Unique feature mix, powerful impact

Providing high end slick design, frontrunner image quality, and superior features, MAX LED is a true leader in the world of display technologies.

Superior energy-efficiency

Lightweight yet
highly robust​

24/7 local support​

5 year warranty​

Easy installation
and maintenance​

Adaptable for every space
and application area​

No-noise and lowest heat emission​

Best-in-class pristine clear image quality

Turnkey solutions delivered

We are thinkers, creators and doers

We design, build, implement and manage your entire LED display solutions from start to finish and deliver on our promise to achieve results in a consistent and continuous way. Connectiv provides every element of the solution including a state-of-the-art content management platform that allows easy and efficient management of the content over time:

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LED for all purposes

Some of the main applications of our LED displays include

Find your perfect pitch!

Every one of our senses provides a piece of the puzzle that when combined make up full experiences.

MAX displays are available in a very wide range of displays, delivering superior image quality from any viewing distance and any screen size. But as Connectiv we go beyond that. We are the only provider offering a zero dead pixel policy on our LED displays.

We will fix any broken pixels immediately as part of our warranty and maintenance service policies. Use your displays worry-free, thanks to our guarantee. With Connectiv, you don’t have to settle for anything less than pristine clear top image quality, pixel by pixel.