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Prime Minister’s Office Digitized Interactive Service Center

— Overview

Using a myriad of cleverly chosen and seamlessly integrated technologies in a clever forward-thinking design, the Connectiv team has transformed the Prime Minister’s Office into a hub for innovation in user as well as employee experience.

  • Largest Interactive Video Walls
  • Custom Robotic Assistant
  • Integrated AI Based (IBM Watson) VR Assistant
  • Self Service Kiosks
  • Flexible Wraparound LEDs
  • Customer Feedback Systems
  • Visitor journey and experience transformation
  • Consultancy
  • QMS Integration

January 1, 2018




Prime Minister’s Department of Government

The Dubai Government has been at the forefront of technology and innovation for decades and a driving force for progress in the region. The Prime Minister’s Office is a shining example of the authority’s strive towards a future in which people, interactive human centric technology and intelligent processes all work seamlessly together in order to facilitate the lives of citizens and government officials alike. The semi-autonomous service center in Emirates Towers empowers citizens to take a significant degree of control in exercising a number of administrative functions such as renewal of drivers’s licenses and identity documents while receiving completely personalized services in a highly efficient manner from start to finish.

Challenges & Objectives

People like to be in control, and they do not like to wait in queues. Meanwhile receiving high service levels and being treated in a personalized way makes people feel valued and improves their perception of a brand or organization. Based on this knowledge the Prime Minister’s Office officials saw a challenge as well as a big opportunity ahead of them: how to ensure that when citizens come to the agency for administrative services and support, they would feel great about the quality of the service they receive and the ease with which they are provided. This included minimising or even eliminating waiting times and establishing an efficient service journey that starts from before people leave their homes and continues flawlessly and without hiccups when arriving at the Prime Minister’s Office, all the way through completing the requested services. Meanwhile queues can be quite stressful for the staff attending the citizens, and thus lowering the pressure on staff by relieving them of routine tasks and reducing queues to the benefit of the emploeeys’ well being was an additional main objective. Some objectives included

  • Provide excellent overall visitor experience
  • Minimise or eliminate waiting times throughout the service process
  • Establish a flawless and seamless efficient service journey that starts from home
  • Creat a highly efficient flow of information
  • Simplify tasks or processes and avoid duplicate or obsolete activities in the service process
  • Free up personnel time, allowing staff to focus on the more complex requests, automate routine tasks
  • Lower employee stress and increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Set a global example for how government services can be provided more efficiently
  • Make the department more future-proof and aligned with UX expactations of newer and future generations

The Solution

The Connectiv team has translated the challenges The Prime Minister’s Office was facing into a set of objectives and aspirations, taking the vision of the client fully into account. These objectives have then led to our specialists putting together a visitor journey and experience strategy and design. In order to achieve this, a thorough breakdown of the previously existing user journey was undertaken, mapping every interaction between people, systems, processes, and data. Potential pain points and opportunities for CX transformation were carefully mapped. Based on that breakdown Connectiv performed an out-of-the-box creative analysis of how and where technology could help eliminate these pain points and streamline the entire services process from start to finish. The team designed a unique and ground-breaking service journey that goes beyond the agency premises. A variety of digital applications and installations were used to implement this user journey, infusing the physical space with smart interactive technology and assuring efficient data accessibility across a variety of interfaces, on and off premises.

Some critical steps in the newly designed services journey

  • The citizen can register and request service online – the requests gets processed online
  • When arriving at the service centre, the person can address one of the autonomous digital service station, using his / her e-ID. At that point the process gets initiated and the clerks get informed. The person can complete practically all registration using the service station
  • For any questions the visitor can address the virtual avatar on a large video wall spanning the entire facility. Using the power of AI the avatar will provide the visitor with answers to his or her questions.
  • Interactive meetings can be held on the digital touch tables
  • Robots are used to pick up and deliver documents from the citizen to the clerk and back as well as between different floors in the building, even taking the elevator alone.
  • LED pillars and displays provide constant relevant information and give the space and extra dimension, bringing it to life and getting messages across to the visitors.
  • After receiving the services one came for an interactive touch screen installation allows visitors to evaluate the service level and provide feedback on their experience.

The technology that enabled this journey to unfold seamlessly

A range of technologies and technology applications were used to transform the service journey

  • Web-based registration forms and interfaces
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Autonomous digital service kiosks / stations
  • Curved LED displays
  • Interactive touch tables
  • Autonomous robots
  • Video Walls
  • Intelligent dynamic queueing systems
  • State-of-the-art DIY content management platform
  • High tech sound system with accurate zoning capacity

Connecting the dots

Using a mixture of different clever technologies does not automatically constitute a functional solution as such and might not lead to the transformation that our clients look for when implemented sub-optimally. It takes much more than that. Without smart processes and making sure that every component of the designed journey is connected across platforms, systems, databases, and technology applications, and interacts with the other elements in an efficient way, the intended experience will not deliver expected outcomes. At Connectiv, our team of experts assures that every element along the customer journey is seamlessly connected and blended, across the physical and digital world. We see the big picture but keep a close eye on all the details and leave nothing to chance. From strategic and operational consultancy and concept design to building and delivering the digitized customer journey and creative content activation, Connectiv has got you covered 100%.


The successful transformation has grealy benefitted the Prime Minister’s Office

  • Boost department’s image of being a leader in service level and innovation
  • More satisfied citizens, getting a nicer experience and saving time
  • Less stress and more engaged employees
  • Significant cost-savings for the department
  • Increase information uptake resulting in more informed citizens and leading to a series of positive indirect effects

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