Turning spaces more captivating

We know the power scents can have on the human perception and behaviour through the memories and associations they are capable of unlocking in our brain.

Our experience engineers strive to harvest that power when designing the ideal and revenue-optimising customer journey for your brand. Discover today how scent marketing can enhance your business.

Elevate your brand storytelling, captivate consumers

The more convincingly it is told, the more your brand storytelling will come to live and have real impact. Our scent marketing solutions turn your brand’s story more complete and compelling so that your message gets across better, effectively captivating your audiences and unlocking positive outcomes:

Unique feature mix, great benefits

Our scent marketing solutions leverage time and space, creating valuable ‘moments’ with the power to impact people’s decisions significantly. Our unique model is built on a set of strong core principles.

Full turnkey multi-sensory
solutions provider


Strong tech supplier

In-house development
& innovation

Global retail experience,
locally applied

(Holistic) Technology
agnostic approach

Proper top class
LED Display production

24/7 support

Custom-created: Scent made to fit your brand

Together with the Akewuele scent designers we search for and create the custom-created scent that fits your brand’s personality perfectly. Our turnkey scent marketing solution including:

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Our scent marketing solutions are perfect for a range of sectors and uses:

Beyond Scent marketing

Every one of our senses provides a piece of the puzzle that when combined make up full experiences.

That is why at Connectiv we involve all senses adding sound, sight and touch to the solutions mix to create real impact.

As connectologists we make sure to tell the story of your brand in full and connect with your audiences. That’s how we make sure your message gets truly absorbed.