Shaping the education campuses of tomorrow

Technological and mobile disruption has drastically changed the way people, especially young generations, interact and communicate. Not just with other people but also with companies and organizations.

Educational institutions need to keep up in order to maintain their appeal as forward-thinking organizations and brands towards potential students and partners. Our team provides the solution, transforming campuses by deploying intelligent digital & visual communications strategies.

Connecting students, teachers and organization

Through effective digital communications

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We are the trusted supplier of visual communications solutions for leading brands in the educational sector.

Transforming campuses from start to finish

From ideation to solution blueprint and implementation, our team of specialists delivers complete digital multi-sensory communications solutions tailored to your campus and target audiences, reshaping the way students, teachers and organization communicate.


Based on thorough research, solid industry knowledge and creative ideation, our team creates a future-proof brand and digital communications strategy and con that matches the client’s objectives.

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Translating strategies and concepts into real-world flows, processes and systems, we design a blueprint for tailor-made transformational, and digitally enhanced customer journeys, establishing engaging customer experiences.

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Our experts build and install every element of the customer journey design, seamlessly integrating the physical and digital components of the journey and creating clear commercial advantage for our clients.

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We assure performance, impact and continuity over time by delivering engaging creative digital content and by providing efficient maintenance and support for all your digital installations, including hardware and software.

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Discover Connectiv’s inspiring campus solutions

We work in a technology-agnostic way, providing most suitable entirely customised solutions for each organization we work for. With Connectiv as your partner your brand will stand out. We achieve true differentiation. Some of the solutions and applications we provide include:

Interactive information kiosks

Digital Dynamic wayfinding

LED Displays

Visual auditoria & theatres

Cross-platform digital signage

Step into the digital era, build future success

Following our core philosophy, we are guided first and foremost by our client’s goals and ambitions in everything we do. Our digital campus solutions are aimed at establishing a more future-oriented education campus environment and a smooth, efficient and engaging communication flow between all stakeholders.

Improve brand image

Our visual communications technology applications will elevate your campus environment and give it the modern and up-to-date vibe ever more demanding students are looking for when choosing in which university to invest.

Increase campus efficiency

Provide relevant information when and where it matters, targeted towards to whom it matters with unprecedented ease and efficacy. From students to teaching staff and workers, keep everyone up to date at all times.

Achieve commercial advantage

Use your appealing digital signage installations to generate new incomes streams such as from advertising or commercial partner communications.

Appeal to private partners

Show private sector partners that your organization is future-oriented and well-geared to attract the best and brightest, making your brand a safe investment.

Become more future-proof

Step away from traditional digital and non digital communication mechanisms and platforms such as email and intranets that have a very low reach and increasingly fail to connect or engage people.

Improve campus security

Increase readiness for any crisis or emergency thanks to efficient and quick campus-wide communications. Reach all campus visitors in times of emergency and increase general safety.